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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Gardening For Seniors Empowered by Aged Care Partner 


There can’t be a better sight than a garden in full bloom. But do you know what’s even better? Tending the garden of your dreams can be an integral part of positive aging! That’s right, apart from cherishing the pleasant aroma of fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies, planting your own has several health benefits for the senior- lowering stress, increasing mobility, reducing loneliness, and more.  

Gardening For Physical and Mental Health of Seniors 

Often it is seen that aging seniors have immense love for the garden, yet they stop due to mobility or lack of independence. Fortunately, with the right home care packages, seniors can continue indulging in their passion for the green thumb and reap rewarding physical and mental benefits such as:

1. Holistic Workout

Gardening increases the daily activity, hand dexterity, and aerobic endurance of seniors. It allows a holistic workout while preparing the soil, planting their favourite saplings, watering, weeding, and harvesting their labour of love. The calories burnt while working in a garden are equivalent to water aerobics and hours of walking that tone and stretch the muscles. 

2. Improves Immunity

Did you know that all the muddy ploughing can turn out to be beneficial for the immunity of seniors? Studies indicate that “Mycobacterium vaccae” found in the garden soil is capable of improving immunity. These health-friendly bacteria can alleviate symptoms of asthma, psoriasis, and allergies too. Additionally, the fresh air paired with sunshine can do wonders for the mood by boosting serotonin levels, helping the elderly stay calm and relaxed. It is a boon in disguise for older adults who are a victim of seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression that occurs due to seasonal change. 

3. Reduces the Risk of Dementia 

Working in a garden of your own does offer ample stimulation, which aids in eliminating the progression of dementia. Using interactive features in the garden, like bird baths, raised garden beds, and bird feeders, tend to maximise the social and sensory components of those suffering from a mid-stage neurological disorder. Moreover, those in the late stage of dementia can enjoy being in the garden by wheeling or walking the paths with the help of an aged care partner. 

4. Promotes Self-Confidence

Seniors often have a sense of emptiness within them, a feeling that they cannot contribute significantly to society. Planting and successfully harvesting produce using the services of aged care near me will work as a form of antidote. That’s how nature nurtures their self-esteem and boosts their self-confidence. 

5. Enhances Nutrition

By maintaining a productive plot of garden, thanks to aged care service providers that home care packages can help avail; you get the best fresh produce. It is directly from the farm to your table, with no toxic pesticides or hazardous chemicals. Also, gardening establishes a lasting and healthy habit of consuming nourishing fruits and vegetables.  

6. Heart Loving Hobby

From providing a range of diverse physical movements (walking, bending, reaching) to allowing relishing organic, garden-fresh produce- gardening, on the whole, is a heart-healthy hobby that not only reduces but maintains proper blood pressure readings. 

If you often look for excuses to spend more time outdoors, choose gardening facilitated by an aged care provider that will ultimately benefit your emotional, physical, and mental health. 

Remember, seniors can plant the garden but always let the caregiver help lift heavy objects or manage complex tasks. The caregiver can also create beautiful flower bouquets or prepare delicious and wholesome meals using fresh-harvested produce. 

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