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Minor Changes In Place To Enjoy Independence as We Age


According to research, around 70% of Australians prefer to age independently while enjoying the carefree days in their home that they can choose.

To achieve this, some significant changes are needed to allow us to enjoy our desired and charming lifestyle. It becomes even more enchanting when supported by home care services with respect and dignity. However, adapting changes over time can bring some challenges, but with the help of Home Care Assistance, you can maintain the activities that give your life meaning, joy and independence.

are several ways to make small changes while keeping safety in mind. Our experienced Home Care Assistance caregivers can help you find safe alternatives.

Take the stairs, for example. Older people who live independently are at high risk if they live in a two-story house. It is almost impossible to move around both floors throughout the day. Therefore, it is a good idea to arrange the main living area on the ground floor, especially the bedroom and bathrooms, to reduce the risk in the home.

Putting railings and steps in bathrooms, showers and the outside of the home also helps to make it safer to age in place.

Removing rugs and carpets also flattens the surface, which reduces the risk of falls. You can also convert stairs into ramps to avoid tripping hazards. Also, minimise the amount of furniture and keep enough space between furniture to prevent tripping.

Moreover, try to place armed seats with low height and shallow depth to avoid falls when getting in and out. Don’t forget to install adequate lighting.

Frequent technology, such as mobile phones and gadgets, can make life enjoyable in old age. So try to learn how to use these devices. Controlling things like alarm clocks, phone calls, television, music, heating, and lighting becomes more accessible with voice activation.

If you are unfamiliar with the technology, feel free to contact us so we can set it up for you and help you solve any problems.

Living independently at home doesn’t mean being entirely on your own. Home care helps us live independently in the comfort of our own homes. You can rely on Home Care Assistance to make your life easier without being shy!

Home Care Assistance assists you with daily living tasks, such as washing clothes, changing bed linen, doing housework or gardening, cooking, and maintaining hygiene. Our services are tailored to your needs, whether a few hours a week or more.

Home Care Assistance has workable solutions and can make a massive difference to your quality of life while you live independently at home. If you have any further questions, contact our team today!

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