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Professional and Client Testimonials

Our strength is in our reputation and the voices that support us.
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Hear from our families

At Home Care Assistance Gold Coast, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients.

Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists makes us the premier home care company in Australia!

Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

What our families have shared with us

Julie & Joe Dakin. Coombabah

Home Care Assistance is the Company we have chosen to help with assistance around the house due to disability and health problems.

From first contact with Michelle we found the prompt solving of any problems we had to be such a relief.

The company and their staff are caring and efficient providing us with all areas of house maintenance, cleaning, care giving and assistance with the purchase of disability equipment .

The company and management are a very hard working professional organisation and I’m sure one of the best on the Gold Coast for quality care of the elderly and people with disabilities.

It is comforting to know that Michelle is only a phone call away to be there to assist us.

G. M. Smith, Sydney

When my elderly aunt was due to leave hospital after an extended stay this year.

I was presented with a challenge as she could no longer live alone in her Gold Coast house and I live interstate.

While going direct from hospital to residential aged care was an option, I wanted to give her some time to adjust to this big change and to get ready at home for the move.

The hospital doctor agreed to allow my aunt to go home if I could provide night care for her.

This is where Michelle at Home Care Assistance was able to help us.

With little notice, Michelle was able to arrange for night care for a month for this transition period until she entered residential aged care.

The attention provided each night and good conversations helped my aunt to feel important again and improved her confidence during this difficult period.

I especially appreciated getting regular reports from Michelle and the carers, with recommendations for home improvements as well.

Sharon and Angela provided excellent care, but more importantly they showed that they care. My sincere thanks to Michelle, Sharon and Angela.,”

Dr. Patrick Zecha for Albert and Jeanette, Gold Coast

Trustworthy. Competent. Compassionate. Responsive.
Always accessible. Reliable, Transparent and reasonably priced.

These are the main words to describe the people at Home Care Assistance Gold Coast, under the leadership of Michelle.

In the myriad of service providers available in the Gold Coast for the aged, it can be overwhelming to choose the right company and people to care for your loved ones who needs assistance.

I researched many care agencies in the Gold Coast from the USA and was drawn to Home Care Assistance Gold Coast initially because of their science-based (or evidenced based) trainings and certifications of their employees.

My elderly and ill parents lived all alone in Australia, and my father in particular, needed excellent home care 24/7. Equally important, I needed to rely on, and trust, a reputable agency in the Gold Coast, especially because I live in the USA and was unable to attend to my father full time 24/7.

Home Care Assistance Gold Coast  not only met our expectations, but far exceeded them.

Their level of care and competency enabled my frail father from needing 2 people to assist him at any given time, to him being independent with only minimal assistance required. Dad was essentially able to be independent in his activities of daily living in a matter of 7 months.

That was amazing given that all of the health care professionals at the hospital had no hope for him, and in fact, strongly pushed for dad to be placed in a nursing home. Through dad’s sheer will and the compassion and competence of Diane and Tina at Home Care Assistance, dad beat the odds.

That, in and of itself, is a miracle. And the peace of mind my parents and I had was priceless.
Michelle and her professional team have become like family to all of us. We got to know them very well, and each of them has a heart of gold.

I would not want to wish any loved ones to suffer the way my parents did, but if they are and they need superior home care, I would reach out and secure the services from Home Care Assistance Gold Coast, without reservations.

With eternal gratitude to Michelle. Diane, and Tina,”

Suane Goh, Gold Coast

I, Suane Goh have been with Home Care Assistance Gold Coast since 2015 and  I have found the care  given is professional and personal.
The service provided is over and above the norm and Michelle, the director has made  visits to my parents to ensure the standard and quality of care.

My previous provider did not offer the personal touch to the service and I am very appreciative of the extra care provided.

My parents who required high care is given the priority and Michelle makes  sure that the service provided is adaptable/ compatible to my parents needs, and I would be happy to answer any further inquiries.

Pat Sternbeck, Gold Coast

Dear Michelle
I am writing to you to say a big “THANK YOU”. I am very grateful to have met you, you are so genuinely full of Love, Care and Joy for helping the elderly.

I’m amazed at how much time and effort you give to ‘getting it right’.

I learned about Home Care Assistance Gold Coast from my friend Margaret, we learnt if it wasn’t right it was fixed.

From my own perspective you have helped me all the way, with the interviews and the questions you asked including what type of person I felt I would get on with.

Bearing in mind my daughter lives in NSW I am so grateful I feel I am loved and protected by my ‘new second family’.

I hope you and your carers enjoy us in our renewed boost of life and keep trying to keep us out of mischief 🙂   Love & Light

William M, Gold Coast

I have employed Home Care Assistance Gold Coast to provide in home nurse care for my wife Margaret. Margaret sustained a severe fall in November 2016 injuring her shoulder and her back.

We have found the two caregivers provided by  Home Care Assistance Gold Coast most professional, considerate and helpful at all times in fact going beyond what we envisaged the caregiving role to be.

The Director Michelle Lye, is most attentive and helpful at all times I would have no hesitation in recommending Home Care Assistance Gold Coast for simular circumstances

Dr. Noam Chomsky

My wife Carol had a hard two-year struggle with incurable cancer, declining steadily until life was hardly more than a pin-hole.

The last year I arranged for a caretaker for weekdays, and had help from my daughters, but in the final month they needed help as well and I was no longer able to handle weekends and nights.

We contacted Home Care Assistance, who provided round-the-clock attendants.

I cannot really find the words to say how wonderful they were: highly competent, comforting and caring, endlessly patient and reassuring.

They became family friends. Carol passed away – thankfully, in peace – clutching in her hand a little soft animal that one of the attendants had given her.

It was symbolic of the relationship that had developed. I cannot praise and thank them enough.

Patricia L. Waller, Retired U.S. Diplomat

My sincere thanks to you and your staff at Home Care Assistance for coming to my 11th hour rescue back in May. Your Caregiver helped me shower daily, made my bed, prepared meals and did some food shopping, light cleaning and the laundry.

She was a gem, always on time, and her manner and demeanor exhibited her many years of experience as an expert Caregiver.

She was dependable, calm, caring and trust worthy. I also enjoyed her lovely sense of humor.

I also salute you for your flexibility in making the effort to accommodate a prospective client at the “last minute,” as well as your reasonable cost for the excellent care received.

Sessional Instructor, Dept. of Counselling Psychology, UBC

It’s never easy to realize that your family needs more help than the family can provide on its own, and the decision to reach for outside support can be difficult. In 2006, my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My parents live in a house on their own and for the past five years, I watched my mom’s mobility and level of independence steadily decrease, and my dad’s levels of stress and responsibility significantly increase. My sister and I looked into several home care organizations and ultimately, decided upon Home Care Assistance. We were impressed with their balanced approach to care, and their thorough and genuine efforts to get to know my mom and find a Caregiver best suited for her needs. Home Care Assistance has been a huge source of support for both my parents. With the help of her Caregiver, my mom can participate in the activities she loves without needing to depend on my dad to accompany her. My dad can now enjoy some relaxing time on his own. In many ways, Home Care Assistance has given my parents a part of their life back. It has been such a relief knowing that they are in such safe and professional hands.

Maureen D., Therapist and Clinical Supervisor

Please extend my thanks to Susan (the caregiver) and her dog. I had a very unusual talk with my mom yesterday in that this was the first call in years where she was so relaxed and so happy with her day and it was clearly due to Susan and her dog.

You are providing invaluable gifts to her and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it.

Cathy S., Surrey

Our family has been using Home Care Assistance services since October 2010 and recommend this company and their caregivers 100%.

My mother has Alzheimer’s so we require personal care, companionship and light housekeeping duties.

Carolina and her team of case workers really put the effort into finding the right match for the patient and their families.

We have been fully supported from all members of the company and appreciate their personal touch.

Dr. Dennis McCullough

Home Care Assistance raises exactly the right banner in promoting The Balanced Care Method as the foundation for all good care.

In the rush of medical care systems that focus almost exclusively on problems, The Balanced Care Method encourages an approach which emphasises creating strengths.

For centuries we have known that better health in ageing is tied to physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors. Regardless of diseases, building on these basics of good health matters.

But beyond creating strengths for elders, families that emphasise Balanced Care will come to work together and understand more clearly how to cope with medical problems and illnesses.

The secret is in the strength of the foundation of care.

The rest then comes into clearer perspective; complex situations and decision-making during this time of life are better understood and engaged.

Home Care Assistance is about foundation-building-for elders, families, supportive friends and, ultimately, for your health care team.

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