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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Your Older Mum or Grandmother


Celebrating Mother’s Day with your Older Mum or Grandmother

As our mothers and grandmothers get older, we can experience pressure on days like Mother’s Day to make the most of the day. However, trying to do too much, or placing too much pressure on the day, can take the enjoyment out of it and leave everyone feeling disappointed. At Home Care Assistance we know how precious these moments are and have put together our tips for how to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

There are a few considerations when planning what to do for Mother’s Day with an older mother or grandmother. These include, what would they enjoy. What is special to them? What is the weather likely to be? What is within their physical capabilities? And, how can you minimise the workload on your mother or grandmother on the day?

Cook their Favourite Meal

Staying in and cooking their favourite meal can be a great way to connect with your older mother or grandmother. Not only is this a low-key event you can do in the comfort of your home, but it also tells your loved one you know what they like. If you bring in the ingredients and clean up afterwards then this minimizes the workload for your loved one. Alternatively, if your mother or grandmother has home care provided by an agency such as Home Care Assistance Gold Coast, get in touch with the local Care Specialist to make sure your mother/grandmother has the ingredients. If the meal can be easily stored or frozen, it can be a great idea to cook up some extra, so your loved one does not have to cook for a few days. For an extra touch, if this is a family favourite recipe that not everyone has, consider printing up the recipe for everyone attending to take home at the end of the day.

Go Out for a Meal

Sometimes it is easier to go out for a meal, so your loved one does not feel the need to do anything. Pick a spot that is one of their favourites but don’t forget to book – places are often busy on Mother’s Day. Make sure you choose a spot that is appropriate for the weather and is accessible for your loved on. Make sure you check in with your loved one when you are out to see if they have had enough and are ready to head home. If your loved one receives home care from a local Care Specialist such as Home Care Assistance Gold Coast, don’t forget to let the local Care Specialist know of your plans. This way they can help by getting your loved one ready to go, or assisting with transport if needed.

Visit a Park or Garden

Weather allowing, sometimes it is nice to get outside and spend time together. Consider going for a walk at a local park or garden. Or even take a picnic. Just make sure the park’s accessibility is compatible for your loved one’s capabilities.

Play a Game/Puzzle or Watch a Movie

Another good way to spend time together is to enjoy an afternoon playing games or puzzles or watching a movie. These can be low-key events that are great if your loved one is not up to being out and about. Games and puzzles have the bonus of allowing space and time to chat with each other while you are playing.

Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a bit of self-pampering? A spa day can be a nice way to relax and get to spend time with your loved one. You can do this by going to a spa or bringing the bits and pieces to your loved one’s home. Whatever works for you!

Mother’s Day often holds a lot of meaning, particularly as our mothers and grandmothers get older. While making the most of these days is important, consider what options work best for your loved one and be prepared to change plans if needed. This way you can all enjoy the day and create more special memories together.

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