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When Your Situation Changes: Adapting Your Home Care Plan


Making the decision that it is time to seek home care is important, but so is recognising when your home care plan needs changing. Creating a home care plan is not a once off task as the needs of the person receiving care can change as they age, or their health changes. As the situation changes, the home care plan must be adapted. The care that you or your loved one needs might change temporarily, or on an ongoing basis. At Home Care Assistance, our Care Professionals can work with you to adapt the home care plan for you or your loved, as needed, to ensure the right level of care is being provided.

Sometimes care needs can change temporarily. When you or your loved one has had an accident, illness, or hospitalisation, a higher level of care may be required for a period of time. This might involve extra help with household chores, personal care, getting to appointments, taking medications, or adhering to a rehabilitation program. Our hospital to the home program is specifically set up to help with this situation, but anytime care levels need to be adjusted, please talk to our Care Professionals so we can discuss the changing needs and ensure the right support is given.

Home care plans can also need changing as you or your loved one’s needs change. As a person ages, there may be more tasks that they require assistance with. Initially, assistance may just be required for a few tasks such as doing the shopping and preparing meals. This might be provided with care for a few hours a week. Over time, these needs may evolve to needing help with medication, personal care, eating, and even having someone on hand to avoid distress of getting confused when being at home alone. This may require evaluating whether a shift to full-time home care is required, or just some extra hours each week.

There may also be situations where a loved-one has been providing some care to complement the care provided by Care Professionals in the home care plan. This loved one’s situation may change so they are not able to provide care as they were. This may also mean a revision to the home care plan is needed.

Our Care Professionals have a wide range of skills they can provide, and care-plans can be adapted as needs change. One of the advantages of having a home care plan with Home Care Assistance is we can adapt to the changing needs of you or your loved one, without the need for you to have to find further staff or juggle schedules. At Home Care Assistance we take the headache out of adjusting the care-plan by ensuring the right level of care is provided by the right staff. All you need to do is let us know that the care plan of yourself or your loved one needs changing. Our staff may also raise a need to alter the home-care plan for your or your loved one with you when we notice a change in care needs.

If you have noticed that there are activities your loved is struggling with that are not in their home care plan, please either let the office or care professional know so we can discuss the changing needs and appropriate supports of your loved one.

Support of a home care agency like Home Care Assistance, can bring enormous benefit and comfort to your quality of life while living independently at home.  Home Care Assistance has viable solutions when it comes to supporting independent living. For more information, get in touch with a Home Care Assistance near me today.  

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