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Qualities to Look for in a Home Caregiver 


It can be difficult to decide who should be providing domestic care for yourself or a loved one. It is important that the person providing the care is a good match to the person being cared for. While this may vary from person to person, at Home Support Services we know there are some common traits that help make good Caregivers. Therefore, we have put together this list to help you know what to look for in a Caregiver.

Compassion and empathy

Coming to terms with needing a Caregiver and having complex care needs can be a difficult time for a person. This transition can be made easier if the person providing the care can do so with compassion and empathy, as it allows the person being cared for to feel understood. It also allows for a better connection between the person being cared for and the Caregiver which can result in a better experience for everyone involved.

Good listening and communication skills

Good listening and communication skills are an essential part of being a good Caregiver. These skills require the Caregiver to not only communicate clearly, and in a timely manner to the person being cared for, but also their loved ones. This allows the person being cared for to be given information about what is happening to reduce their fears and concerns and allows family members to know what is going on with their loved one. A Caregiver also needs to listen to the person being cared for so they can understand their needs and wants and provide essential company.


People needing care are often frustrated in their inability to do tasks the way they used to. What they do not need is their Caregiver getting impatient with them as well. Importantly, patience from a Caregiver creates a calmer environment. However, patience can also provide the person being cared for with the time and space they need to do tasks they can do themselves to maintain independence where possible.


Flexibility is important in a Caregiver because the needs of an individual being cared for can change and fluctuate. A Caregiver who is flexible can identify those changing needs and adapt their care to what the person being cared for needs at that point in time. This provides a better, more tailored care experience.

Dedication and reliability

Dedication and reliability are important as it not only makes engaging a Caregiver easier, but it also allows continuity of care to be provided.


Caring for another person takes skills. Experience is important in being able to handle a variety of situations well to create a positive care experience. A person with limited experience may not have the skills to handle unexpected situations which can crop up. This can result in substandard care at best, or an unsafe environment at worst.

Looking for these skills in a Caregiver is just as important as having someone that is a good match for the person being cared for. At Home Support Services, we look for these traits in our Caregivers. While you may choose to hire a Caregiver directly, an agency such as Home Support Services can make it easier by vetting the Caregivers for you.

Support of a domestic care agency like Home Support Services, can bring enormous benefit and comfort to your quality of life while maintaining autonomy at home. Home Support Services has viable solutions when it comes to supporting independent living. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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