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My Aged Care: Why Getting Assessed Early is a MUST


Life inevitably involves getting older. We may be able to somewhat control its effects, yet we are still regarded as fortunate if we live to a ripe old age. The fear of losing our independence as we become older may prevent us from asking for help or displaying any vulnerability.

It is crucial to remember that using My Aged Care does not require you to relocate or enter a facility. Quite the opposite. Home Care Assistance is one of many long-term care choices available. Home Care Assistance is committed to helping you or a loved one age in place by providing care that is specifically suited to their needs.

Many people don’t make long-term plans for health care because they believe they won’t need it until they do, even though doing so is actually very advantageous. Similar to life insurance, it’s critical to prepare ahead for your future health and care requirements. Because you can’t predict if or how your demands will change, planning in advance can be challenging and even a little daunting. However, the first step is to consider the kinds of assistance you could require soon. Maybe you live alone and have no one to help you, or maybe you don’t require help but live with a partner or relative who does. Everybody has a unique situation or circumstance. The importance of getting a diagnosis early is examined here, along with our strong recommendations and encouragement for you to do so.

Rejection Delays

Australians now have the choice to live at home for the rest of their lives thanks to the Federal Government’s Home Care Package initiative. Home care packages are adaptable and tailored to your needs or the needs of those you care for, however due to the high demand for these packages, there are currently lengthy approval wait times.

The funding process for a home care package might be drawn out. According to the most recent statistics, a medium priority person may require care up to nine months before applying for funding1. The Royal Commission on Aged Care reported in 2020 that people who required the greatest degree of assistance for a Home Care Package had to wait more than a year2. In order to ensure that aid is available when you do need it, get evaluated if you anticipate needing any degree of care or support to keep you at home for a longer period of time.

Customized Services

There is a misconception that receiving in-home care just entails nursing assistance. That isn’t always the case, though. You will obtain a service that is especially suited to your needs when you work with Home Care Assistance. This might comprise:

  • meals and food preparation to guarantee you keep eating healthfully.
  • You can maintain your house clean by doing laundry, cleaning, and other household activities.
  • Maintaining a house or garden to keep it secure.
  • Transportation to events, activities, and social gatherings to maintain community links.
  • alterations to your home that will improve or preserve your independence and safety when moving about.
  • aids for maintaining independence to help with limits in mobility, communication, literacy, and personal care.

Asking for assistance or admitting that you might need a little support can not only help you or a loved one achieve their goals of ageing securely at home, but it will also make sure that you are included in the system for any potential greater care needs down the road.

Your care requirements could alter suddenly.

When our clients finally acquire money, we frequently discover that their care requirements have already changed. The good news is that if you choose us to be your home care agency by the time you have a Home Care Package, we may closely collaborate with you to assess your care plan services and budget. Since My Aged Care already has your initial care information on file, getting reassessed will be simpler and perhaps faster.

In order to guarantee your wellbeing and medical needs are fulfilled, Home Care Assistance is here to assist you through the process and make the most of your Home Care Package subsidies. We are here to support you in achieving your goal of living freely and safely at home.

It is simple and quick to request an assessment for a home care package online or by calling My Aged Care at 1800 200 422. Additionally, after receiving an assessment, you are entirely free to decide whether you wish to accept the results of that examination. Actually, you have nothing to lose but the knowledge that will prepare you for your future healthcare requirements.

Consider using the Commonwealth Home Support Program for additional help if you require it while you wait for your Home Care Package, even if you only require support in one or two aspects of daily living. You can also get in touch with a member of our helpful staff at Home Care Assistance, who can walk you through the procedure.

Your quality of life while living independently at home can greatly benefit and be comforted by the assistance of an in-home care provider like Home Care Assistance. When it comes to promoting independent living, Home Care Assistance has workable alternatives. Contact Home Care Assistance in my area right away for additional details.

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