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Managing Medications for Seniors on the Gold Coast: Essential Tips


As we age, managing multiple medications becomes a common part of life. For those over 65, medication-related issues account for up to 30% of hospital admissions. Ensuring that medications are taken correctly is crucial for maintaining health and preventing complications. At Home Care Assistance Gold Coast, our Care Professionals are skilled in helping seniors manage their medications, ensuring they take the right medications at the right times. Here are some tips to help with medication management.

Keep Track of Medications

Ensure all prescribed medications are available and up-to-date. When visiting the doctor, check your scripts and refill them as needed. To avoid any gaps in medication, consider contacting your local chemist to see how they can assist with prescription refills and reminders.

Safely Dispose of Outdated Medications

Regularly dispose of expired or unused medications to prevent accidental misuse. Keeping all medications in one place makes it easier to manage and track them. Store them in a safe location, away from children and pets.

Maintain a Medication List

Create and keep an updated list of all medications, including dosage and timing. This list is invaluable for caregivers, hospital visits, or when seeing a new doctor. It ensures that everyone involved in your care is informed and prepared.

Use Reminders and Pillboxes

Set alarms or use medication reminder apps on your phone to help with adherence. A simple alarm or multiple reminders can significantly enhance compliance. Additionally, using a pillbox can help organize daily medications. Fill it once a week with the medications for each day, ensuring each compartment is clearly labeled for morning and evening doses.

Consider Webster Packs

Your local chemist can organize medications into Webster packs, which simplify medication management. These blister packs make it easy to see and take the correct medications daily and are especially helpful if some medication containers are difficult to open.

Regularly Review Medication Management

Ensure that your loved one’s medication management plan is regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed. If you’ve tried these tips and your loved one still struggles with managing their medications, it might be time to consider additional support from a Care Professional.

Home Care Assistance Can Help

Home Care Assistance Gold Coast offers tailored support to help your loved ones manage their medications safely and effectively. Our Care Professionals can assist with medication management, ensuring that your loved ones adhere to their prescribed regimens, and maintain their independence and health at home.

For more information on how Home Care Assistance Gold Coast can support your loved one’s medication management and overall well-being, contact us today.

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