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How to Become Eligible for Funding via My Aged Care?


The Australian government provides a great deal of support for aged care. It pays about 78% of the total cost of aged care services. This funding is through My Aged Care, but according to a recent survey by Roy Morgan, respondents said they searched on the internet when asked how they found the information.

In this survey, only 9% of respondents could identify My Aged Care as the starting point for their journey into aged care. This clearly indicates that many seniors may not be using the services available to them.

The process of applying for care through My Aged Care is quite lengthy, which could also contribute to the alarmingly low recognition rate of the starting point. Although efforts are being made to speed up the process, it still takes time to streamline the process.

At Home Care Assistance, we strive to make this process as smooth as possible, and we pride ourselves on providing the most transparent and stress-free services. Our immense support will help you live independently at home. We also help seniors get the financial support they need. It is essential to make the most of these funds to access and enjoy their benefits. Our goal is to help seniors get the most out of their funds by taking advantage of the available support options.

We will guide you from assessing your needs to getting the proper support to meet your needs. Everyone’s needs differ and can change over time, but Home Care Assistance’s expert team will ensure you receive optimised support.

Optimising the use of My Aged Care ensures utilising the maximum benefits of aged care services; these benefits include.

1. Independence

The most important role of home care assistance is to enable independence. Living independently at home and age in place boosts self-esteem and confidence and ensures security and quality of life.

2. Familiarity with home

Around 70% of Australians prefer to age at home and receive care support when needed. This also reduces the risk of displacement or confusion with relocating people.

3. Personalised and individualised care

We ensure that people receiving home care services receive customised services according to their needs. The carer working for you will focus solely on your needs. This helps to create a special bond between you and your carer, which increases the social and emotional benefits of home care for the elderly.

4. Benefits for the whole family

Home care services take the burden off the immediate family members who have to care for their elderly loved ones. Be it the spouse, a parent or any other member; they will feel relieved when you hire home care services.


It has been proven that Australians prefer to age in their own homes with support and care. Home Care Assistance helps seniors choose this perfect lifestyle. We are happy to guide you every step of the way.

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