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Goals for Older Adults


Setting goals is important at any stage of life. This is especially the case during retirement when goals can provide motivation to stay active and healthy. At Home Care Assistance, we know that goals change as we get older. There are lots of types of goals that can help a person stay active and healthy during retirement. Here are seven goals that are great for retired seniors.

1. Declutter

We all accrue items we don’t need over time. Most of us have cupboards and garages full of things we have not used in years. Decluttering does not mean getting rid of things that are important to a person. But removing items that are no longer needed or wanted from the home. Selling or giving items that are no longer needed can provide your loved one with more space in the home and make it easier to move around. This not only reduced the risk of falls, it can also be quite an emotionally cathartic experience to get rid of old items. If your loved one’s home needs decluttering and they are unable to complete the task themselves, our in-home care professionals at Home Care Assistance can help with these tasks. Simply speak to their care worker to arrange it.

2. Get Up to date with Technology

Technology can be a great way for seniors to stay in touch with their friends and family members. Video calls especially can be valuable when it isn’t possible to visit loved ones in person. However, not all seniors are comfortable with using smartphones or tablets for things such as video calls. Lots of local seniors’ centres run courses on how to use these technologies. Not only does the technology make it easier to stay connected, learning something new can provide a sense of accomplishment that is important.

3. Keep up with Medical Appointments

It is particularly important as we get older to keep up with regular health checks with your GP and any required specialists. It is also important to get your teeth, sight and hearing checked regularly so any issues can be dealt with. Keeping on top of these appointments helps people stay healthy as they age.

4. Do Something New

It is very easy for anyone – but especially seniors – to stay in their comfort zones and not try new things. However, it can be good for a person’s cognitive health to try new things and keep learning. Your loved one can benefit from trying something new such as learning an instrument or taking a cooking class. Anything that encourages learning and growth is a great activity to try.

5. Sort out Legal Documents

It is important for anyone, but particularly for seniors to have any legal documents they need created or updated. This often includes a will, and a power of attorney. Having these documents available means your loved ones wishes can be complied with when the time comes.

6. Make the Home Safe

Removing hazards around the home and putting in safety rails can help your loved one avoid falls. There may be government programs that can help your loved one with achieving this. For those that need a higher level of support to stay safe in their home, an in-home Care professional such as those available through Home Care Assistance can provide a variety of supports such as help with daily tasks.

7. Go for a Walk Every day

Remaining active is an important part of staying healthy. Walking is a great low-cost, low- barrier way to keep active and promote good cardio-vascular health. Even just a walk around the block every day can have health benefits. If walking is not suitable for your loved one, or not something they enjoy, help them find a different activity such as yoga, swimming, or water aerobics that they can participate in.

Having goals in place helps your loved one to stay active and healthy so they can age well. Having goals in different areas of their life is also important. So, sit down with your loved one and help them set some goals that they can achieve.

Support of an in-home care agency like Home Care Assistance, can bring enormous benefit and comfort to your quality of life while living independently at home.  Home Care Assistance has viable solutions when it comes to supporting independent living. For more information, get in touch with a Home Care Assistance near me today.

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