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Winter Warmth: Efficient Tips to Stay Cozy While Saving Energy


It’s crucial to stay warm during the winter, but with rising living expenses, particularly energy expenditures, it’s getting more and harder to do so. While maintaining energy efficiency and lowering our energy costs are equally crucial, this is also important. According to research, heating accounts for an astounding 50% of a household’s energy costs during the winter1.

Even though we have no control over the weather, there are a few things we can do to stay warm as the cold winter approaches. The following five top suggestions from House Care Assistance’s Care Professionals can help you keep your house safe, warm, and energy-efficient this winter.

1. Just heat the spaces you will be in.

The cost of heating a smaller place decreases with its size. If there are any rooms you are not using, shut the doors or vents, and heat those rooms. You could, for instance, shut off the rest of the home and only heat the living room if you spend most of your time there during the day.

2. Limit your use of the heater.

Your energy consumption could increase by 5–10% for every degree you turn up the heat.². In the winter, it is advised to set your home’s heating between 18 and 20 degrees if you have ducted heating3. Wear warm clothing inside the house and use blankets in conjunction with this.

3. Window treatments.

Open the blinds or curtains to let in natural heat to warm the space since heat quickly passes through glass. Close your curtains or blinds before it becomes dark to assist maintain the heat in your home if you have the heating on because they are excellent heat-retaining devices.

4. Insulate and stop draughts.

Your heating expense could be reduced by up to 25% by reducing draughts4. Make careful to inspect your windows and doors to make sure they are intact and have the proper seals. Weighted “door snakes” or draught stoppers, which are available from retailers like Bunnings or Spotlight, are another easy and affordable option to further prevent draughts from entering beneath doors. These are positioned at the bottom of the door, keeping the heat inside while keeping the cold air out

5. Renew your energy contract and determine whether you qualify for a discount.

Renegotiate your energy plan with your present provider or get in touch with other providers for less expensive, more affordable prices.

Additionally, you might be qualified for a refund to lower your heating expenses. These will differ from state to state, so it is important to find out if you qualify for a rebate and if they are offered in your state

However, considering the high cost of living and the sharp increase in energy costs during the winter, it is crucial to continue being an energy-efficient consumer while also being safe. Many houses are dependent on fireplaces, space heaters, and gas heaters because not all have the luxury of temperature-controlled, ducted heating. To prevent overheating and potential electrical fires, put out flames immediately and turn off heating units when not in use. In addition, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are completely operational and operating properly.

YAsk your Home Care Assistance Care Professional to help you remain warm this winter while lowering your heating costs if you need assistance with any of these actions. Contact Home Care Assistance in my area right away for additional details.

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